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Class Descriptions

All our classes are broken down into age-specific sessions so your child is able to learn, develop and make friends with children the same age. Your class choice will also depend on which style of dance they'd like to learn.
All our classes are designed for your child gain confidence and become familiar with their chosen styles whilst challenging their minds and creativity. 


Baby Street
3-5 years

Our 3 - 5 children's Street Dance classes are the perfect mix of fun & dance, allowing your little superstars the time and space to learn new skills and see their confidence grow as they learn to dance independently. Watch them develop as they  learn to count, freestyle & move freely all in a pressure-free environment. Our Baby Street dancers also have the choice to join our annual show so they can explore their inner performer!


Infant Street
6-8 years

Our 6-8 Infant Street Dancers are constantly being taken out of their comfort zones as they start to learn harder choreography. In these classes they start gaining knowledge of the styles & moves they are learning in more detail. They will understand where their moves originated from and what they're called. They will also have a great understanding of the main Street Dance foundations before they move up to our Junior class. We also encourage them to use the moves they've learnt into their freestyle.


Junior Street
9-11 years

Not only will our Juniors learn challenging choreography, they will also start to play with the idea of choreographing routines independently or in pairs/groups. They will also be encouraged to use their basic knowledge of their street dance foundations and develop them by using our motif and development method. Our juniors have lots of opportunities to showcase their skills at local events and our annual summer show. 


Senior Street
11+ years

Our Senior dancers all have goals which are unique therefore we work with our students to help them achieve their goals. Some of our senior dancers use dance as a way to make friends and keep active. Others work extremely hard to for dance competitions, dance colleges and performances. We have also given teaching opportunities to some of our seniors who want to branch out into the teaching world.   


Musical Theatre Infants 3-6 years

Our Musical Theatre Infants work on the 3 main disciplines of Musical Theatre: Acting, Singing and Dancing. These classes are jam packed full of fun activities to encourage your child's confidence and creativity through movement, voice, dance and teamwork. Each week we develop our Acting, Dancing and Singing skills in a fun and exciting ways. We pick popular films & West End shows to recreate and perform. Previous shows our infants have recreated are: Frozen, Oliver, Shrek, Trolls, Moana & many more. 


Musical Theatre Juniors 7-11years

Our Musical Theatre Junior classes are full of challenging exercises especially designed to boost self esteem and self confidence in a pressure-free environment. We constantly learn new Singing, Acting and Dancing techniques as well as working on variety of productions. We give our juniors more control over their productions, as we encourage them to use their creativity to develop their characters, dialogue, routines and productions. Previous shows they have worked on are: Matilda, Annie, Mamma Mia!, High School Musical & many more.


Baby Ballet 3-5 years

We teach our baby ballerinas the basic foundations of Ballet through creative methods.  During these classes we go on many magical adventures and use varied props and age-appropriate songs. At this age we encourage learning through play, celebrating our uniqueness, making lots of new friends and having fun. Scarves, Wands, Ribbons, Musical Instruments are just a few props we use in these classes. 


Primary Ballet 5-7 years

At this age our dancers will be approaching the stage where they can take their first ballet exam should they so wish. Exams are not compulsory and many children decide to just move up. Ballet encourages self-discipline and self expression. It also helps them to develop their listening skills, their ability to follow instructions and finally helps them to work as an individual and in groups. Good co-ordination, good posture, strength and flexibility are just a few benefits of Ballet. 


Acro Minis 3-6 years

Our Acro Minis will start to learn basic gymnastics skills e.g. Rolls, Bridges, Cartwheels, Jumps etc. We also work super hard on our flexibility and explore fun ways to strengthen our muscles. Our teachers are trained and qualified ACROTRIX instructors so you know your child will be in safe hands with us. 


Acro Dance 7+ years

Here at Impulse Dance we are trained and qualified in the ACROTRIX training programme. In these classes we work on the 3 main pillars: Fold, Floor and Flight skills. Our 90 minute class is divided in 3 sections: Strengthening, Flexibility & Skills. Our students learn fundamental Handstand techniques, sensational tumbling combos, and everything in between. 

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