Director/Dance Teacher

Anna Maria Theo

Anna started Ballet classes at the age of 2, she attended many weekly dance classes from a child which included Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Street Dance. Annas love for dance continued and after receiving a Double Distinction* (D*D*) in GCSE Dance she decided to further her studies at College where she graduated with a Triple Distinction* (D*D*D*) in Performing Arts Dance. After many years of training and performing with various dance groups she followed her true passion and started teaching dance alongside her studies at 17.

Her love for teaching came from assisting classes from the age of 13. She worked her way up within various local companies until she became a full time freelance Dance teacher. After working for many years with other dance companies she decided to follow her true passion and start her own. Growing up in a broken home, her mother found it difficult to pay for dance classes which she found to be professional. Anna wanted to change the stigma of dance schools being ‘expensive’ and wanted to offer professional training at an affordable cost so that it was accessible to all and so in 2015 she did exactly that.

Anna absolutely loves working with children and sharing her passion for dance. She is so proud of every single dancer that attends Impulse and feels blessed to be a part of their dance journeys. She also doesn't understand the meaning of a 'day off' so you'll be sure to meet Anna at any Impulse class.


Dance Teacher/Choreographer

Adi Suissa



Dance Teacher/Choreographer

Jasmine Chandler

Jasmine has been dancing from a young age, working professionally since the age of 15 and teaching since the age of 16. She completed her training at Masters Performing Arts, some professional credits include:

Disney UK

Coca Cola


Global village UAE


Various music videos

Rugby World Cup

Canary wharf Fashion Show

Tei Shi

The Wanted.


Over recent years she has dipped her toe in the industry as a choreographer/assistant choreographer, some credits include:

The roller boys uptown funk show

Chemical brothers and Nathan Trent.


Jasmine is a passionate creative and has created many numbers and taught for many dance schools productions/performances/competitions and looks forward to creating more in the future.

Jasmine also has 7 years experience working in the childcare sector so is great with kids!


Teaching Assistant

Kasey Tathan

Kasey was raised in a household where she was shown that it’s fun to dance. Her Grandad shared the Celtic reel with her when she was just three and so, after that tried many forms of dance such as Ballet and Irish dancing. Kasey wasn’t enjoying her classes and didn’t feel a burning desire to continue so therefore stopped as it started to feel like a burden to her.


After three years of dancing at home with the music at full volume, her mums final attempt was to try and enrol Kasey in a more urban field of dance. Finally Kasey found love at Impulse as she feels she’s been given the opportunity to learn all different fields of dance, whilst having the independence and freedom to put her own twist on things.


She is now a GCSE student and has been attending Impulse for nearly three years, thankfully she still enjoys every class she attends! Kasey now assists our After School sessions as Firs Farm Primary school and looks forward to helping in class and making the children feel welcomed into the wholesome community of Impulse Dance.


Administrator/Teaching Assistant

Bobby Vassiliou

Mrs Bobby is the most loved by all the children here at Impulse Dance. After working in schools for many years and raising 3 children of her own she is the perfect teacher to have around.

Mrs Bobby is usually one of the first friendly faces you'll meet at Impulse, you can be sure to catch her with a smile, marking the registers and often dancing around in the background.