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 "Great dancers are great because of their passion.”


Community Events:
Impulse Dance Students are provided with a wide range of performance opportunities throughout the year as we are regularly invited to perform at many local community events as well as putting on our own productions. Students will perform routines learnt at their weekly dance session ready for a fantastic performance for the local community.

Some events we usually invited to are: 

​- Summer Fetes

- Christmas Fairs

- Charity Fundraisers

- Launch Events

- Promotions

And many more.

End of year production:
At the end of every academic year we like to give all of our students the opportunity to perform in a professional theatre space to give them an insight of the industry standards. All students are given the opportunity to showcase all their new skills and talents to their friends and family and have THE BEST TIME!

Awards Ceremony:
Here at Impulse we love to celebrate our students achievements so we host an awards ceremony every winter where our children are celebrated for their outstanding talents. Students have the opportunity to receive certificates, medals and even trophies and of course we use this as a chance to dance and PARTY! 

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